PABUG Call Center 911 Calling

Mr. Carl A. O'Neil carl.oneil at
Fri Nov 11 09:35:20 EST 2016

Hello Everyone,
We are having issues with our call center calling 911. Recently we have created a report that shows any calls made from our campus to 911 to help our campus police track problems. The report shows that our call center made over 30 calls to 911 in the last month. We have checked the data in the files and we do not call international numbers so there is not a number in the file that starts with 1. Does anyone else experience this issue and what solutions have you come up with?  We are using Campus Call with the Way 2 Call dialers. We use 9 to dial an outside line and 1 before the area code
Our first thought was disable 911 calling from the center or change the prefix to an 8 for the outside line.

Thank you in advance,
Carl O'Neil


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