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Kyle Chapla kchapla at
Mon Nov 14 09:29:02 EST 2016

Hello PABUG members!


My name is Kyle Chapla and I'm a Sr. Budget Analyst at Saint Joseph's
University. I have a general question about permanent budget adjustments
done throughout the fiscal year namely, how do you handle these them? Do
you allow permanent adjustments throughout the year? If not, how do you
handle these changes? Does anyone use the budget development module
throughout the year to keep track of these changes? There is concern about
the "budget" not changing but sometimes there are re-orgs, salary
adjustments, etc. done that requires a permanent adjustment to be made.
Only other way I can think of handling them is to keep a list of changes
outside Banner and once it's time to roll into the subsequent fiscal year,
key the changes which is not ideal.


Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!


Kyle W. Chapla

Sr. Budget Analyst

Saint Joseph's University

Financial Planning & Analysis



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