PABUG It is not to early to think about our 2017 PA-Bug Conference!

Michelle Mitchell michelle.mitchell at
Wed Mar 1 10:27:08 EST 2017

Hello PA-Buggers,

I am the HR track leader for our annual conference in November.  Our
conference is a success due to *your *participation.   I would like to
encourage everyone to consider doing a presentation next year by planning
now.  Perhaps you can share the great things you are working on for your

What are you working on?
What are your recent efforts in leveraging Banner for campus?
What is important to your institution?
What do you need to know to succeed in the short term and long term?

Please consider starting an outline now for a presentation or topic to make
our Fall 2017 conference a success.

Thanks for your time.

Michelle Mitchell
Senior Software Engineer
Franklin & Marshall College
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