PABUG NFS INB/SSB connections

Minich, Dorie minichd at
Mon Mar 6 11:15:37 EST 2017

Here’s a question for the group.

Has anyone experienced issues with users access INB/SSB via BEIS/CAS once NFS is configured?  We configured NFS in production mid-week last week.  Since then we have received reports that when users try to login to SSB/INB they enter their credentials but the SSB/INB windows spin and do not load.  We’ve found that we can close the new tab, click the link and the user is then connected to SSB/INB. We’ve been able to replicate the issue in all browsers.

Issue or coincidence?

I realize we can shut down NFS to see if the issue persists, but I wanted to poll the group first.

Dorie Minich
Applications Administrator
minichd at

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