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I realize this is not a Banner-specific question, but thought this may be a good place to ask. For those of you running ImageNow as your document management system, how do you have your permissions structured? We are working on implementing Content7 (new name for ImageNow) and I'm still having difficulty figuring out the best way to structure it.

Do you have one drawer per institutional department? One drawer per role per department, such as Admissions Counselors, Admissions Operations, etc? Do you use folders to further organize?

It seems impossible to restrict permissions to specific document types. The way I have it set up now is a drawer named "Admissions" where all of the Admissions documents exist. I created a user group with permissions only to document type A. Then I created a view and restricted it to document type A for that role using a filter. The user can only see A documents in the view, but if they click "All Documents", they can see everything that exists in the drawer (document types B, C, D, etc), they just cannot open the files. This seems odd but support tells me it's intentional (they're confirming).

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