We are pleased to announce PABUG will be hosting an Ellucian Solution Manager(ESM) Installation Workshop as a pre-conference training opportunity.

Ellucian Solution Manager is a tool for downloading, installing, configuring, and managing Ellucian software, including Banner. In this workshop Ellucian will give an overview of Ellucian Solution Manager (ESM) and its capabilities. During the workshop, Ellucian will install Ellucian Solution Manager and your institution will gain the knowledge to use its self-update feature to upgrade it to the current release.

The ESM workshop will be held Sunday, November 20, 2016 from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM at the Grantville Holiday Inn.  The cost of the workshop is $100.00 PER SCHOOL with a MAX of 2 attendees PER SCHOOL.

If you would like to find out more information or register for this opportunity please visit Ellucians ESM site (https://www.onlineregistrationcenter.com/register/222/page1.asp?m=326&c=1619). Seating is limited.

After you register, an Ellucian contact will reach out to you 5-7 days prior to the workshop for the login credentials to your server so we can get prepped and ready for the workshop.  The pre-requisites will need to be completed by then.  This will ensure the smooth success of the workshop.

Please note that registration AND payment for this workshop is not included in our fall conference registration.  If you want to register for ESM and our fall 2016 PABUG conference you must do so separately.

Disclaimer: Registration for ESM and PABUG are independent from one another.  Registration for one will not hold a seat for you at the other and no joint registration discounts will be offered. While PABUG is considered the host of this event PABUG is not responsible for the content offered during the event.

All questions regarding registration for ESM and the content for the session should be directed to:

Lauren P. Smith | Marketing Manager | ellucian(r)  |