PABUG implemented Emeriti Awards in 2014 to recognize those individuals who have dedicated countless voluntary hours to the organization over the course of several years. The purpose of this award is to express appreciation to an individual that has supported the organization for several consecutive years through time, attendance, leadership, and collaboration. Each year* PABUG Officers will select individual(s) for recognition.

2014 Emeriti Award Recipients
Cathy Connor
Associate Dean of Enrollment Management – Villanova University
Cathy is known as PABUG’s Founding Mother. Cathy was instrumental in getting people together for the initial PABUG meeting at Villanova in October, 1999. PABUG was formed during that meeting and the initial Charter was drafted. Cathy was the organizations first President in 1999 and served as President through 2001. Cathy has been part of the PABUG planning committee every year since.
Manny Pena
Director Enterprise Systems – LeHigh University
Manny was also present during the initial PABUG meeting in 1999. Manny has held several positions in PABUG since 1999 including but not limited to VP, President, Past President and Ellucian Resource Coordinator. Manny was integral in leading PABUG to become an official non-profit in 2014.
Cindy Bilger
Director of HRIS and Benefits – Bucknell University
Cindy served as Secretary during the formative years of the PABUG organization.  She was the organizations 4th President and has served as a special resource and adviser since. Cindy tirelessly builds out our session schedule each and every year diligently assigning rooms with magic and finesse that only she possess.
2015 Emeriti Award Recipients
Fran DiSanti
Chief Information Officer – Saint Joseph’s University
Fran is one of the first members elected to the board, serving as President elect in 1999-2011 and President in 2001. Fran played a fantastic role in the creation of this organization. Fran has made outstanding contributions to PABUG, including but not limited to registration, conference resource, and web resource lead for most of PABUG’s existence. To this day, Fran is a huge part of the reason why PABUG’s registration process has been so valued, efficient, and operated out of St. Joe’s University. His desire to impact the success of this organization is very much appreciated by us all.
Bill Balint
Chief Information Officer – Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Bill has been involved in PABUG since the very first meeting in October 1999. Suggestions he made set the stage for our annual conference, our ideals and rational that PABUG follows to this very day. Bill is a strong advocate for PABUG, he never hesitates to volunteer whether it be offering up ideas, suggestions, presentations, or man power. Bill is a real go-getter and constantly on the go, multi-tasking, making connections and connecting others to help make us, our endeavors and our institutions successful, a true colleague, mentor, and friend.
Beth Hess
Executive Director Enterprise Systems Administration – Saint Joseph’s University
Beth’s volunteer work with PABUG began in 2006 as a Technical track leader, since then she has served as Vice President, President, Past President, Registration Coordinator, and Conference Coordinator. Beth is one of the first to arrive to her post and last to leave. She greets everyone with a smile and a warm welcome. Her commitment and dedication are enduring, genuine and always offered with love. Words to describe Beth would include effervescent, real, polite, engaging, dynamic, heart warming, and simply a breath of fresh air. PABUG is tremendously grateful for all of her contributions and service to this organization.
2017 Emeriti Award Recipient
Jane Gilbert
Senior Director of Student Registration and Financial Services – University of Pennsylvania
2018 Emeriti Award Recipient
Rhoni Ryan, Senior Analyst – Swarthmore College
2019 Emeriti Award Recipients
Dorie Minich
Senior Application and Database Administrator – Dickinson College
2022 Emeriti Award Recipients
Jeff Montgomery
IT Services Director of Enterprise Applications and Project Management – Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Jeff has provided the most presentations in PABUG history and his many popular sessions have become a PABUG Conference staple. Jeff’s sessions have spanned technical, leadership, project management, reporting and functional sessions. An original PABUG track leader beginning in 2002, he became president unexpectedly in 2005 and managed to oversee one of the most successful PABUG conferences.

Selection of candidate(s) is at the sole discretion of PABUG Officers.
*PABUG reserves the right to abstain from awarding should it deem necessary for any reason.